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Prison Kittens

Two mommy cats and their six kittens have recently been released from an area prison, where they had been furtively fed by inmates, surviving on a diet of canned Vienna sausage, procured by inmates at the prison canteen.

Last sighted around the Cat Adoption Team facility, a Wilmington, NC cat rescue group, the cats are on the prowl again, looking for new homes. Area residents are warned these cats are armed with dangerous weapons to steal your heart, including extreme cuteness, loud purrs, and beseeching stares.

We are asking the public to come forth and adopt these cats and kittens in order to forestall any possibility they will end up in prison again.

To see the Prison Cats/Kittens, please send a message to catadoptionteam(at)earthlink.net.

To help raise money to spay/neuter these kittties, Cat Above is offering a coupon good for the purchase of any of its cat hammocks at www.catabove.com. When you use coupon R102 at checkout, you will get $5 off your purchase and the Cat Adoption Team will get a $5 donation.


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