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My cousin Jill was an aspiring photographer. She’d been aspiring for quite sometime, even winning a Kodak award for a cow (cow’s left eye and left nostril, to be precise) staring into her lens.

For the birth of our daughter she decided to take a bunch of photos of us – mother, father, and new baby – and give us a photo album we will cherish forever.

Cousin Jill showed up loaded with gear – lighting, backdrops, props, even fancy costumes for the baby. The baby objected at the top of her lungs to changing from the onesies to costumes, however cute. Though disappointed, Jill agreed to the onesies to avoid recording for posterity a red, splotched baby face.

This was in the days before digital cameras, so you couldn’t tell on the spot what the photos looked like. Jill took what must have been 40 rolls of film, posing us this way and that. I should have suspected the result, but I went along.

Over the years the result has grown on me and now I’m kind of fond of these photos. They’re certainly unique. Judge for yourself. Here’s one.


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