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Before you set out to get a cat, you should be very clear on why you’re getting a feline companion.

Today I’d like to discuss one important reason to get a cat: a health reason.  Studies have shown that petting a cat lowers your blood pressure.  As so many Americans suffer from this silent affliction – and you may be one of them – to safeguard your health, you should definitely look into adopting a cat.

A minor caveat.  Owning a cat to lower blood pressure is counter-indicated if your blood pressure rises when any of the following occur:

–  Your cat helps you cook by giving directions from the top of the refrigerator

–  Your cat helps you cook by removing certain non-essential ingredients from the recipe, such as the chicken from your chicken casserole

–  Your cat helps you cook by adding essential ingredients to your chicken casserole, such as a dead chickadee it hunted especially for the occasion

–  Your cat helps you cook by garnishing your creamed chicken casserole with a light sprinkle of dark cat hair

If you don’t cook, this caveat does not apply to you.  However, watch out for other potentially blood pressure raising cat behaviors, such as new couch scratching, spraying your grandma’s heirloom dresser, or licking your ears at 5:00 AM.

If your heart is still set upon owning a cat, make sure you counter these ill-effects of cat ownership by petting your new cat for at least an hour in the morning, and a recommended two-three hours before bedtime.


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